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Stylised Scene and final Sci-fi Scene

Posted by on Feb 11, 2015 in Blog |

I found some time after the holiday break to finish the routine inspired scene adding lots of small assets to fill the scene with a bit more story and character.

you can see the entire project from start to end with breakdowns on my Polycount thread here.



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Watch Tower – Mobile Ready

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014 in Blog |

I wanted to challenge myself to create a mobile game ready asset over 3 days making the texturing and uv’s used and optimsed as much as possible I’m extremely pleased with the result and ready to share.


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Posted by on Nov 24, 2014 in Blog |

I’ve done a fair bit of searching through many portfolios and even just basic design packages for business, and after a weeks works of making some vector graphics and create a colour pallet for my website I’m proud to have it finished and finally uploaded. Feedback from my peers has been extremely positive, I hope to make further tweaks and keep the format for some time to come. Also I’ve made some business cards as well, they should arrive soon. So excited for the future :).

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Current Projects Update

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Blog |

The Routine scene is almost done. I had a lot of helpful feedback from people on polycount and one of my teachers. I’m really happy with it so far, keeping true to the concept and adding more detail beyond the concept, as well as understanding the PBR pipeline have been challenging and extremely rewarding. Here is a rendered pic of the scene so far.



I’ve also gone back to a project i started a few months ago to have a fresh look and made some plans to complete it after I’m done with the sci-fi scene. here is a basic block out of the stylized environment.


styilsed scene


Also started work on making an asset package for the Unity store. The package will include dozens of types of stylised/fantasy weapons, shields, pickups, props suitable for mobile/tablet and PC gaming to suit the current industry focus here in Australia



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Current Projects Update

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014 in Blog |

I have 3 personal projects going at the moment with a 4th in pre-production! One I would like to share is the one getting most of my attention since I started on it late October and that is my scene inspired by a concept taken from the currently in production game ‘Routine’. You can follow my progress on polycount right now. Link to my Polycount thread.

‘Click on image to enlarge’


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Polypainting Update 4

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Blog |

For this update I wanted to show the materials I have come to use quite often when doing some stylised hand-painted textures, using them both as a part of an effect workflow has proven to be extremely valuable and I’ll definitely be going over them in my final video tutorial.



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Polypainting Update 3

Posted by on Sep 16, 2014 in Blog |

For this update I wanted to share a hard-surface technique that i found valuable for poly painting to access areas of a model that are difficult to paint by hiding faces with a marque selection. I’ll be going over this in the final tutorial if time allows. Please click on the image to properly view the short example and mini tutorial in a readable format. Next update will hopefully have some poly-painting examples.


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Website/Polypainting Update 2

Posted by on Sep 2, 2014 in Blog |

As I mentioned in the previous post. I wanted to share some basic need to know settings inside zBrush for polypaint to work.

I’ve also updated my website to have a simpler look. I’m trying to achieve a style and function that’s easy to use/navigate , quick to load and to the point.


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Website/Polypainting Update 1

Posted by on Aug 20, 2014 in Blog |

Its been awhile since my first post, I’ve been doing some online tutorials and I learned how to bring a model into zBrush, apply a material/base colour and do some basic painting. So far its been really interesting painting a simple diffuse using this method, coming from only using Photoshop to do all my texture work.

Here’s a screenshot of some simple testing with polypainting on a model. I’ll go over some of the basic setup steps in the next update.



I’ve also updated the header for my site, I’m not entirely happy with the overall look still, I’ve had some positive feedback on and will think about more improvements for the future.

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Posted by on Jul 2, 2014 in Blog |

First entry of for my blog based assignment. My chosen area of research is Poly-painting in Zbrush. It’s something I have always wanted to learn.

I’ll be learning how to set up poly painting. I’ll be posting updates on how to use it and its general functions, learning how to use different shaders to enhance the materials, then how to bake that poly paint onto a lowpoly model using Xnormal.

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Research Assignment

Posted by on May 10, 2014 in Blog |

I have narrowed down  a few options for my research assignment, poly-painting or DDO.  I want to learn both very badly so I’m going to spend time on both of them this week and figure out what I have time to do, and I’ll learn the other once I’m done. My next update should include some info on what I’ve decided. in the mean time, I’m planning for the character assignment and doing some small side projects, nothing worth pimping guys sorry.

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Posted by on May 2, 2014 in Blog |

I’ve finally figured out how to setup the blog on this WordPress theme and, this is official my first post.  I hope to fill it up with my upcoming research assignment, some projects and whatever else I think people may be interested.  I’m really looking forward to the rest of 2014 and what it may bring!

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